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2 Aug 2018 Buffalo WordPress Meetup

WordPress MeetUP August 1, 2018

We had a combo of both new people and regular attendees.

Cathy, Christine, Cathy, Ron, Ben Andy, Terry, Brian, Randy, Matt, Brent
and your happy note taker – Anne-Marie

Upcoming WordCamp
St. John Fisher, Rochester in October
Niagara on the Lake Wordcamp in a couple of weeks – Ontario, Canada is the website for our group.

Everyone encouraged to join Slack, via the website

Everyone encourage to submit topics ahead of time at web site

Security questions

If you manually install WP, keep separate passwords for database, host control panel etc.

Plugin suggestion – Loginizer.

Should you change wp-admin login? Andy says most plugins give you that option. After you install WP change the password and user name asap.

Also try One Year or Last Pass for Password logs

Note – be careful on plugins you install

Keep your system updated as a precaution

Look for back up databases

WP Backup is a good on, Updraft and Backup Buddy

Site Ground is a host that offers back up for a fee.

Also recommended is 1 on 1 as they do good security.

Run your site on a secure SSL.

Look at web browser to see that it has a “lock” icon or do it yourself or get it from your host. Check out Let’s Encrypt.

For a high end site an encryption could be $250.

Plugins – they will be updated soon on

WP-user online – shows who is on your site

Suggested – Pretty Links -is free WP has a plug in for people who want to clean up their affiliate lines, track clicks from emails, their lines on Twitter to come from their own domain or generally increase the reach of their website y speaking these lies on forums or comment on other blogs.

WP can lock a page – look at visabily settings to lock a page


Is the new editor that may resemble Square Space. 5.0 is when Gutenberg will be in WP the next major release. If you want the old editor you will have to install it.

It’s more friendly to non-tech users.

SEO by Yoast

Use the free features first. Watch the videos.

Use the Site Map feature

Go to Search Console. To learn search “Google WP”-go to YouTube to learn how to do it.

White Hat SEO is a good resource for understanding keyword research. If you are looking for SEO do your keyword research.

Use keywords on images

Discussion on SEO – Black Hat and White Hat

Get links back from Social Media as that is important.

Every post should have a call to action – even if you have a blog, suggest to readers other posts they may want to read.

Yoast – Cornerstone Content – check it out.

Discussion – Who is on Facebook, Reddit, Instagram etc. Ad models etc.

Bottom line – content is King and maybe websites are coming back as quality content finding as opposed to content that is advertised on Social Media.

Privacy policy for taking in email addresses discussion.

Suggested to use commercial mail such as MailChimp.

WP has a guide for Privacy Policy.
Plug in has a cookie notice.

Google Forms – discussion.

Security is only as good as the person who is using it.

We got philosophical regarding where the web was and where it’s going.

OK – it’s not WP, but it’s related and everyone seemed to enjoy.

PS – Our meeting was at Upton Hall at Buffalo State. Should be here in room 211 next month too.

Check out the web site and Meet UP email for the latest on the location.

We are super “culture creators.” Make your website your own cultural center!


PS – WordCamp Buffalo may be at Buffalo State University this Spring. TBD.

5-19-2016 Notes: Workflows, Continuing work on

Topics discussed at last night’s meetup:

Google Site Links & Google Search Console

Arnie wanted to discuss the “Site Links” section of sub-links on Google’s Search Results Pages, and how you’d go about adding them. Andy mentioned that Google automatically will turn them on or off, and will notify you if that happens via the Google Search Console (formerly named Google Webmaster Tools). It is likely an algorithm that decides when a site gets Site links for a specific search term. Google will guess what links should go in the Site Links section, but you can remove some links if they’re not prominent pages (or turn it off completely – which we can’t think of a reason to do).

screenshot of google site links for the term chevrolet

You can see the links below the top organic link. (Build & Price, Trucks, Locate a Dealer, Silverado)

Build Processes for Front-End

We discussed tooling, workflows and our automation processes briefly. Arnie mentioned a newer option called Webpack which calls itself a ‘module bundler’. We also talked about Gulp and Grunt, which are in the same ballpark. Arnie also brought up the question of how other members who are developers show in-progress versions of their websites. Andy and Ron both use development URLs. Ron also discussed Cloud9 which he uses as a Cloud IDE so he can work on his projects with any computer that is connected to the internet.

Live WordPress Build

Andy continued coding the new Rooducts website with input from the group. We added a gallery to the homepage for featured customer vehicles and made some CSS changes and responsive adjustments for different screen sizes. Andy will add the sites theme files to Github soon.

3-3-16 meetup

10 attended

  • Intros
  • Andy showed us how to use Slack
  • We talked some #wcbuf
  • We looked at Joyce’s site, (TrailChaiser2020) and explained how to add/remove widgets, use the customizer, and generally how to customize a hosted site.
  • We looked for a theme that could handle Anne’s requirements for her site.
  • We looked at Chuck’s sites: Gateway Niagara. Andy got mad that he disabled right-click on the site. >:(
  • We had a spirited discussion about digital photo copyright issues, online theft of photos, and other elements and whether disabling options for all users is the correct way to solve the issue.
  • Where should widgets go? The sidebar or the footer? What should be the call to action? We discussed.

1-7-16 notes : Backups, images, and other stuff

Talked about backup plugins. Good list here:

7 Best WordPress Backup Plugins Compared (Pros and Cons)


Media files: 4.4 uses responsive images

Ron had a problem that seems to  be addressed here:






12.17.15 notes

7 in attendance.

housekeeping: WP moving toward javascript. briefly talked about new venue.

Andy talked about flexbox.

You can learn a lot at and

We demo’d  on

max mega menu and uber menu are good menu options for complex menus

A Back up plug in for word press that came in my mailbox.
This is a plug in one can try free for seven days.

Here’s the info about the plug in

It sells for $47.

What do you all think of it? Maybe we can take a look at this week’s meeting.

Submitted by: Anne-Marie Huurre
Format: I think this topic would be great for everyone